We create an ideal experience for your pet while they are away from home.

We have some policies in place to ensure that everyone, canine and human alike, has a safe and enjoyable experience.





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The care we use to ensure your loved one is pampered and excited to come back to us, is evident in all we do.

We host dog friendly parties, from wine and cheese nights for you and your pup, to charity events, to the perfect birthday party for your special furbaby.



Want your precious to enjoy our services but having trouble figuring out how to fit pick up and drop off into your busy day? Let us take care of it!



In this unprecedented time, we, like virtually every one of you, find ourselves at the crossroads of fear and uncertainty.  By choice, we are a 24/7/365 business.  We have always taken pride in the service we provide for our clients, service that has kept us here through every holiday, snowstorm, spring break, summer vacation, and all those days in between. Amid this Covid-19 crisis however, we find ourselves debating whether or not we can call ourselves "essential".  While we have a handful of clients who work in the healthcare industry, or in law enforcement, folks for whom we owe an enormous debt of gratitude at this time, the reality is that most of you find yourselves at home, surrounded by your families. Families in which our dogs are such an integral part. As you all know, we don’t typically have large numbers of people gathered in the reception area, but we do worry about the health and safety of all of our clients, our staff, and ourselves, and if by remaining open we inadvertently put even one person at risk then we think that’s too many.  That being the case, we are making the difficult decision to temporarily close the doors at this time.  We pray that this craziness lasts less time than some of the reports suggest it might, and we look forward to getting reopened and back to caring for your pets as soon as possible.

If you do find yourselves in an emergency need for pet care, please email us at, and one of us will be happy to respond and see if we can't work something out to help.

We send all of you our prayers and an abundance of positive energy, in the hopes that you all stay safe and healthy through this remarkable time.

Want walks or visits in your home? We’re the team for you!



With more than 20 years of experience, dogs are our lives– and we can prove it!